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Community Youth Care Services
 @PS 176Q
120-45 235th Street
Cambria Heights, NY 11411
Bus: 718-525-4057, Ext 2230

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Cheryl Caddle, Executive Director

Brandie Gilmore, Program Coordinator


The mission of the organization is to help educators improve student learning and contribute to their lifelong success. As a result the organization is committed to providing  quality services that promote the social, physical, intellectual, and emotional development of students in the community. 

"Thinking BIG For Our Children" drives program development in understanding that the elementary years are impressionable and that children at this point of their lives can be directed to accomplish anything.

Management team

​​​​Thinking BIG For Our Children 

Community Youth Care Services, Inc. (CYCSI) was founded in 2009 in collaboration with the Principal of P.S. 176Q elementary school, the PTA Board and parents.  It is a 501 (C) (3) non-profit organization and licensed by the Department of Health to provide Out of School Programs to school-age children between the ages of 5 and 11. 

Community Youth Care Services

​​​​Quality Out of School Programs 

The Board members and management team have many years of work experience and a wide range of skills to support the business of the program. 

The Management Team's qualifications consist of business management, communication,  teaching and instruction, marketing and program management.