​​​​Quality Out of School Programs 

Community Youth Care Services

Our Community Service Learning Program allows high school students to receive credit with progression to our competitive Internship/Stipend Program.

Afterschool Enrichment 

Winter, Spring & Summer Break

Our Afterschool Enrichment Program supports homework completion Monday to Thursday, and Arts, Sports, and Technology clubs on Fridays.

Interning at our program

homework completion Monday to Thursday

volunteers & SYEP


The world is experiencing a confluence of events that is presenting significant challenges for all of us. These challenges are raising the level of uncertainty in our lives.  Coronavirus (COVID-19) continues to spread throughout New York City, the United States, and on a global scale, so we must continue to implement preventive measures. This includes staying home and practicing social distancing. Group sports and other large gatherings constitute a public health risk and should be avoided. This virus is highly contagious and can infect any age group. As we take steps to prevent its spread, we must be keenly aware of the elderly and those who have weakened immune systems.

At this time, we wish for our collective safety and protection.  Our thoughts are also with those who are unwell and those working day and night to provide care in spite of the risks.  Our gratitude is immeasurable.

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Students who volunteer throughout the school year are elgible for summer youth employment.

Thinking BIG For Our Children 

During Winter and Spring Break we provide an enrichment program to further prepare students for the NYC standardized ELA and Math Tests.  Our Summer Program offers curriculum review in the mornings to reinforce concepts learned over the school year and Arts, Science, Sports and Technology Clubs for more socialization in the afternoon.

snacks & physical fitness


Service Learning